About US

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3Squared takes great pleasure in inviting you through the doors of NYC's newest creative hub, which embodies the vibrant energy of the 1970s in New York, back to the days of Andy Warhol’s 'The Factory'.

With a gritty and underground aesthetic, 3Squared invites any artist with open arms. The gallery serves to cater to all the arts equally in an effort to not only bring a multifaceted creative dimension to life but to allow artists to have a space to use and express themselves as they see fit.We exhibit everything from visual exhibitions, music, theater, dance, poetry, and events attracting a wide demographic.

We have presented over 40 Traditional, Immersive & Experimental Art Exhibitions as well as a variety of high profile hosting patrons such as artists Deadmau5 and Lumidee and programs including MTV and CBS News. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the space, along with your ideas and opinions – the subjectivity remains while the ability to strengthen and progress the arts is ripe for vision and initiative. 

Welcome to the revolution.

Directed & owned by Jaime Parganos and Marina Dojchinov