Even bad press is good press!


"After stepping into 3Squared, in the heart of the Chelsea art district, one might not initially assume that they were in an art gallery..."       -

"Sex & Fashion - 3 Squared Gallery Exhibition - Opening Tonight..." -



"April 4th 2017 Brana Dane and Sandy Ramirez will present past works at Chelsea Gallery 3Squared..." -

"It's Fabulous Binx's Birthday Party! Come enjoy Binx's special live performance..."  -

"... interacting with high profile artists in the last two decades including taking Basquiat as a mentor, Michael has a unique expression that combines pop & street culture..." -


"A new, one-of-a-kind collective arts gallery in Chelsea brings together performance art, music, fashion and visual art to excite all elements of your sensational curiosity..." -


"After the election New York artist Jessica Maffia also put out a call, but to anyone who wished to answer the question "'What do we do now?'..."